Who are we?

We at ZEPHYR believe that naturally sourced products should not benefit the consumer at the expense of the environment. Many companies dealing in essential oils extol the virtues of organic produce, yet struggle to implement their ecological principles in commercial practice. To allow plant-based essential oils to enhance our bodily health and mental wellbeing whilst engaging in the unecological trade practices of orthodox business constitutes hypocrisy. Our priority at ZEPHYR is to deliver the best quality of product while inflicting the least possible damage to the natural world from which it came.

Our commitment to sustainability informs every stage of the production process. Great care was taken to ensure that our nebulisers are – excepting a necessary USB port and some minor internal components – entirely plastic free. Our nebulisers are assembled from ceramics or recycled rubberwood sourced from existing rubberwood plantations. The glass vials containing our essential oils are returnable for re-use. Should you ever break the glass bulb of your nebuliser, it is easy to order a replacement from us.

Our essential oils are of unparalleled quality. We package our products, sourced from the most esteemed suppliers, in attractive dark violet bottles so as to avoid light damage. The dropper connected to each vial is so designed as to guarantee minimal wastage. Our nebulisers are similarly finely crafted, fitted with elegant glass receptacles that emit a thin, delicately twisting column of smoke which rapidly permeates all corners of the room. 

We also have a sister company, 34.4º, that specialises in organic skincare products made with natural ingredients.